Sony a6400 Best Lenses

Despite the model number, the Sony a6400 is Sony’s newest a6000-series APSC camera. There are plenty of reviews out there on why this is the best camera for its price range, so I won’t bore you with that, or the specs.

While the camera is great with the newest features, what goes with it is what will take your photography journey even further. Here are the lenses and accessories that I have been using with Yegventures and my career in the news media industry. This series of cameras has made my career and I’m excited to share these products with you.

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The a6400 with two kit lenses link supporting Yegventures:
Sony a6400 with 10-18mm and 18-135mm kit lenses

The a6000-series cameras have traditionally come with the 16-55mm powered kit-lens. However, I suggest using these lenses to get you started, especially with the new selfie screen on the a6400.

The 10-18mm lens allows wide shots in small spaces like a kitchen without the fisheye look.

The 10-18mm lens is great for that wide-angle shot without much spherical distortion. It makes a perfect lens for selfie-vlogging as well. Basically the smaller the number of mm, the wider the lens is, while the bigger the number, the longer the lens. So, a 10-18mm means it’s a zoom lens for super-wide angle 10mm, and to a fairly wide 18mm. Amazon link for just the 10-18mm lens is here.

Sunset photo of the Edmonton skyline taken with the 18-135mm kit lens.

The 18-135mm is the continuation where the 10-18mm leaves off. It’s a great versatile lens for that wide overall shot at 18mm, while allowing a great zoom into a short telephoto range at 135mm. Using the clear-image zoom on top of that, you’ll be able to get even closer without losing any image quality. I now leave my original kit lens and my telephoto lens at home because of how versatile this is for various events! Amazon link for just the 18-135mm lens is here.

Macro Lens link supporting Yegventures:
Sony E-mount 30mm Macro Lens

If you’re into macro photography, or into food photography, the Sony 30mm (SEL30M35) is for you. Objects can get super close to basically touching the lens, but you can also use it as a non-macro fixed 30mm lens as well.

I took a picture of this tulip and the lens was touching the outer petals to capture this fiery bloom at Muttart Conservatory.

A tulip at Muttart Conservatory with the Sony 30mm macro lens.

While it is a macro lens, I found the best purpose of the lens for my use is to take food photos for Yegventures Food. Because I don’t have to worry about how far my subject is, whether the food dish is small as a piece of chocolate, or a large communal serving, I can always rely on it to get the shot in focus.

Captured the sushi I cooked from scratch with the Sony 30mm macro lens.

And when used as a non-macro lens, lights glow and create wonderful scenes like this night shot. So even when I forgot to switch lenses back after grabbing snacks at the pub, I was able to capture this magical moment.

Lights seem to glow when the Sony 30mm macro lens is used as a fixed 30mm lens.

Fish-Eye Lens link supporting Yegventures:
7Artisans Sony E-Mount 7.5mm Fisheye Manual Lens

This 7Artisans 7.5mm manual lens is the only non-Sony lens I’ve really enjoyed using, and one I will never forget travelling. Yes, it’s a fish eye, but it is a very sharp lens. Don’t worry about the fact that it’s a manual lens. Unless you’re taking macro shots of items within 1m in distance, you can set your focus to infinity and everything will be in focus.

The 7Artisans 7.5mm fisheye lens captures the entire ceiling of St. Joseph’s Basilica.

The lens has really been perfect for visiting tight spaces in Europe or large churches around the world. If you can’t afford the 10-18mm lens, I’d suggest trying to use this 7.5mm lens and cropping in using the clear-image zoom for vlogging.

The 7Artisans 7.5mm fisheye makes even an airplane cabin look spacious.

Litra Pro Light link supporting Yegventures:
LitraPro LED light

This LitraPro is by far the best on-the-go camera light I’ve owned. This compact light is adjustable in brightness and colour temperature. With 20 brightness levels, and ability to change from warm to cool in kelvin, it’s a great light for both photography and videography. The light is tough for drops, is waterproof, and comes with a white diffuser.

I use this light most for food photography and trust me, it makes a huge difference. In a dark and poorly lit restaurant, a light will allow you to see what kind of image you’ll take, unlike a flash.

Additional accessories I own with this are the colour filter set and soft box lighting attachment. I haven’t played with these too much yet, but I will be doing more experimenting and product shots, but before I head on my next pilgrimage, I’ll be making a purchase for the headlamp accessory. Another accessory is the barn door attachment.

A separate attachment transforms the light into a softbox.

That’s all for now. I’ll be including more accessories to this page, so come back and check for updates now and then.