Advance Vote at ANY Elections Office

Advance voting begins today through the Thanksgiving long weekend. While the Elections Canada website is awfully hard to navigate, we’ve created a map indicating the Edmonton-area locations you can vote at. Don’t worry about where you live and making sure it’s the right place to vote. You can vote at ANY of these Elections Canada offices on this map. Remember to bring ID and proof of address so staff can find the correct ballot. Advance voting at offices is open now until Oct 13 at 6pm.

As you see, it’s a lot easier than trying to navigate the Elections Canada website. It’s almost like they don’t want people to exercise their duty and right to vote.


In addition to the Election Offices, some electoral districts like Edmonton-Mill Woods, have regional advanced polling stations. Sadly Edmonton-Centre doesn’t have any regional advanced polling stations for the folk living downtown; they have to travel to Westmount. For the riding list in the Edmonton region, click here.

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