VOTING: YEGventures Best of Edmonton 2020

It’s time to VOTE for the first Yegventures Best of Edmonton Awards! The year 2020 has been a challenging time for everyone, and this is a way for people to discover and support their favourite ‘Edmontonisms’ in the city.

Thanks to CBC Edmonton, this was featured on Radio Active with Adrienne Pan! Listen to the interview here.

Vote your favourite 2020 entries in each category (nominated by YOU). The top 4 nominations have been shortlisted for voting. The choices are shuffled automatically by Google Forms. You may skip voting if you cannot make a decision in a category. Deadline for voting is Dec 20 at 11:59pm MT.

If the form does not work for you below, you may use this link. No personal information is required to vote, and is completely anonymous.

Yegventures Best of Edmonton 2020 Updated Timeline:
Oct 3 to Oct 31: Nominations (complete)
Dec 2 to 20: Public voting
Dec 21: Voters’ choice and Yegventures-selected winners are announced!

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