Bleriot Ferry One of Alberta’s Last

If you’re travelling to Drumheller, Alberta from QE2 Highway, take the scenic route via the North Dinosaur Trail (Hwy 838) for a unique ride the Bleriot Ferry which has been running since 1913.

It is one of a handful of cable pulley river ferries still in operation in Alberta. This ferry was built in 1997 and has the capacity of 13 vehicles, 45 passengers, plus 1 crew. It can carry the payload of 62.5 tonnes.


A trip to #Drumheller ain’t the same without a ride on the #BleriotFerry . #AlbertaProud

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Upon arriving, you’ll be greeted by a sudden drop into the badlands of the Red Deer River valley. Once you get to the ferry dock, wait in your vehicle until the ferry arrives and you are directed to drive onto the deck.

Once the 27m ferry starts moving across the 105m crossing, some operators will allow visitors to get out to take pictures, but not all, due to safety precautions.

Before heading to the Bleriot Ferry, be sure to check out operation times. The ferry runs from May 9 to thru Labour Day long weekend the first weekend of September from 8am to 11pm. From after Labour Day to October 30, it runs from 8am to 7pm. The Bleriot Ferry is free to use. More info is on the Alberta website here.

After crossing, do stop at Horsethief Canyon for a spectacular view before arriving at the Drumheller townsite.

Horsethief Canyon

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