This Take-Out Hack Can Save You $

While some people may not yet be comfortable eating for long periods indoors, you can still enjoy the good ol’ buffet through take-out!

At first, the thought of paying full price for take-out buffet may sound like a lot, you may actually end up winning in your wallet. Some restaurants even have a cheaper rate for take-out buffet.

So how does it work you may ask? For take-out, you’re given one container to fill up as full as you want. At Beijing House in Northwest Edmonton, you even receive an extra container for soup (or dessert, etc). The key is to pack every nook and cranny of that container.

To maximize your take-out buffet, we suggest filling the base with the carbs such as rice or noodles, and flatten it out with the edge. Then place on top your buffet items. Don’t worry if it may seem too big of a pile, because once you’re done, close the lid and press down to secure your contents with an rubber band. Now you’re ready to wok and roll.

The amount of food I filled was ended up being enough food to feed three people easily. You can see from the before and after (slide the image bar left and right), my personal leftovers look like the meal hadn’t been touched. It’s not bad for 3 meals for only $25.

Since Beijing House accepts the Neo Card, you can also receive 10% cash back on your first purchase up to $15. The proceeding purchases are 8% cash back. This is not sponsored, but if you’d like to sign up for a Neo Card, use our referral code for a sign-up reward with code B6G5R2H9. Happy eating and savings!

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