Edmonton’s $100,000 Christmas Tree

The Edmonton Tower was completed December 2016 in time to erect a state-of-the-art Christmas tree.

“Candela, An Evolution of Light” is the name of the tree which sits proudly in the glass facade lobby facing north onto 104 Avenue downtown across from the lot of the the former Baccarat Casino.

Every top and bottom of the hour, the tree has a 9-minute show which includes music synced with coloured LED lights.

The tree has been up every Christmas season since 2016, and is back lighting up Ice District until mid-January. The scene includes other decorative elements such as giant snowmen for your Instagram pleasure.

“Candela, An Evolution of Light” reportedly cost $100,000, according to the lobby’s security guard. However, after the posting of this original video in 2016, Greenscape Design & Décor sent us an email stating that the price was not correct, but did not inform us of the price they charged for the creation and installation of the tree.

The Vancouver-based company also did not respond to further questions about the tree. Among the questions asked included the use of the name “Candela, An Evolution of Light,” which was already used by other companies. We also asked why “Christmas” was never used in reference to the marketing of the tree on their website at the time, and instead opting for “holiday tree.”