Canstruction 2019

Canstruction sculptures at Enterprise Square this year shows Edmonton that yes, we CAN feed the hungry!

The 2019 entries are 4 easily recognized pop-culture icons.

Infinity Gauntlet

The Infinity Gauntlet by ACI Architects Inc. & Delnor Construction Limited is the latest icon to reach stardom from the Avengers films. The jewels are packages of Doritos.

Pikachu – I choose you to end hunger!

The ever popular Pokemon character is featured in Pikachu – I choose you to end hunger! by Associated Engineering. It won this year’s Structural Ingenuity award with captain Michael Brodzikowski. Those ears and tail seem to defy gravity.

We CAN not BEAR Hunger Anymore!

EPCOR’s We CAN not BEAR Hunger Anymore! is a timeless classic A&W bear sitting on a keg of root beer. It’s great to see the bear back once more as the fast food franchise unofficially retired this mascot in its advertising. The team captain is Myles Mix.

Wishes CAN Come True

Wishes CAN Come True when it comes to genie sculptures. This PCL Construction Management Inc. entry captained by Rachael Zelman won three wishes with Best Original Design, Best Meal, and Best use of Labels.

Canstruction began in New York in 1992, and made its way to 150 cities around the world as a fun way of encouraging people to donate to their local food banks. Most competitors involved have been architects, engineers, and builders, but community involvement have been vital as well.

If you’d like to check out the 2019 sculptures, the display ends May 15, with the ‘decanstruction’ the following day.

You may also still vote on this year’s entries for the People’s Choice here.

To get to Enterprise Square, use Exit A from Bay Station.
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