“Central Alberta is Amazing” sparks TikTok banter

The Controversy

A sentence never heard before in the history of humanity, “Central Alberta is amazing!” has sparked some banter in AlbertaTok on TikTok. It began with this Yegventures video on Christmas lights throughout the area which also has video in Red Deer, Sylvan Lake, and Maskwacis.

The statement has created enough controversy to start at least two stitches in response from other Alberta TikTokers including lilbabysneakybitxh and daleyshenanigans. On the stitch by lilbabysneakybitxh, it was a lighthearted video stating the obvious – that no one has ever said the words “Central Alberta is so amazing” in the history of humanity.

The video by daleyshenanigans though, mentions the dark ideology which exists. For SEO purposes, and to not further give credit to the fundamental extremism which he discusses, the video is not linked in this article. We’d also like to add that this is not how Yegventures – and the majority of Albertans – view the Central Alberta region.

Where is Central Alberta?

Another discussion brought up in lilbabysneakybitxh’s original video is where Central Alberta is. The map in the Wikipedia entry is fairly accurate as to what most Albertans would call Central Alberta, which is the region stretching from the Edmonton region, down through Red Deer, and borders the Calgary metropolitan area. It is bordered to the west by the mountain parks, and to the east by the provincial boundaries.

To note though, is that although not geometrically divided in a visual sense, Edmonton has also historically been connected with Northern Alberta despite being south of the centre of the province. The capital region also has had social, economic, cultural, and political ties with Northern Alberta in how the region thrives. This is the reason places such as Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium and Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) are home in Edmonton. Edmonton has also been called the Gateway to the North due to the physical rail and road ties to Northern Alberta, BC, and Yukon and Northwest Territories, and its bush pilot aviation history.

Bringing home the point in why Edmonton is both considered part of Central and Northern Alberta, looking at a map of Canada, the city is situated further north than any other major city in the country. In fact, E-town is the northernmost city in North America with a CMA population over 1 million.

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