Chinese Evergreens Are The Latest Plant Trend

The Chinese Evergreen (aglaonema) is an old hardy plant. The older darker green varieties were more common a few decades ago. Now newer varieties are appearing in garden centers. They are easy to grow, require moderate moisture and bright light. Below are the new varieties which you may come across and how to care for them.

Pink Dalmatian

This is a new hybrid with pink splashes and grows 12 to 18 inches tall. This variety requires more light to keep color. In low light the plant will lose its bright coloration. The Pink Dalmatian is easy to grow. When you water this, let the soil dry out between watering. Place in an east or west facing window.


The Creta is a smaller variety growing to 12 inches tall and will form a clump of plants in pot. Dark red markings on green leaves stand out on this evergreen. It needs lots of sun to keep its distinct red coloration. Creta can tolerate house humidity.

Silver Bay

The Silver Bay is known for its beautiful variegation. This variety will grow up to 4 feet tall. It can grow in low light but prefers medium light. Allow this plant to dry out before watering again; too much water will turn the leaves yellow.