Longest Uninterrupted Boardwalk in the Edmonton Area

The Clifford E. Lee Sanctuary near Devon, Alberta has the longest uninterrupted boardwalk in the Edmonton area and is a hidden gem of natural beauty.

This boardwalk is part of a 3 kilometre loop around the established area for sanctuary visitors. Besides the main loop, there are multiple trails on and off the boardwalk which nature lovers may venture off to. Much of the sanctuary is on wetlands, which explains the need for a boardwalk, especially in the spring time when water levels are high. Several lookout points jut out onto the ponds on site.

Many birdwatchers come to visit both to feed the local population, as well as witness the feathered friends in their habitat. As such, some of the birds have become quite friendly with people here. Simply holding out your hand will attract some birds to land on you!


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♬ Sunset Lover – Petit Biscuit

There are interpretive trail signs and information boards to help visitors identify species popular to the wetland.

If you’d like to visit, here is the Google Maps location.

Enjoy the beautiful nature sanctuary!