Costco Canada Introduces Fried Chicken Sandwich

Costco fried chicken sandwich

Costco Canada has introduced the fried chicken sandwich at their in-store food vendor and it’s a hit where it exists.

While the locations seem to be sporadic, even within cities such as Montreal where the sandwich is available, we did find the menu item at the Laval location.


This new ##Costco fried chicken sandwich is pretty tasty. ##Canada

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This was a very busy Costco and after a 30 minute wait, we finally got the sandwich fresh and hot. It is in a cheese crust bun which made it unique from other chicken sandwiches elsewhere. There is a lot of flavourful (non-spicy) spice in the batter mix. The sandwich is otherwise plain with the exception of mayo and pickles.

For fried chicken sandwiches, this one is beyond crispy; it is crunchy. If you have sensitive teeth, you might want to skip this one. However, it is not crunchy to the point of inedible like the horrible A&W Canada version of the Nashville hot chicken sandwich.


Don’t bother with this one. Go with the @burgerkingca one and skip this @awcanadaofficial version. ##nashvillehotchicken ##canadafood

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Since we were hangry, we graded the Costco Canada fried chicken sandwich as 8/10. It’s not bad at all, even if it’s a rare find at Costco Canada. Two better sandwiches are the Popeye’s chicken sandwich, and the Burger King Nashville hot chicken.


Burger King is underrated. The ##NashvilleHotChicken is southern awesomeness! ##canada ##fastfood

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