Touring the Full House Lottery Dream Home

The Full House Lottery campaign is back for an exciting run this year, with over $5.1 million in prizes. The proceeds support both the Royal Alex Hospital Foundation for their PET Scanner, and the University of Alberta Hospital Foundation for their stroke ambulance. Together, the hospitals support 1.6 million patients annually.

A portion of proceeds will support the stroke ambulance with the University Hospital Foundation.

Seeing the Stroke Ambulance in person during the Festival of Trees, I know the the projects being funded will have a lasting legacy well beyond this year’s Full House Lottery. The stroke treatment and prevention cause is dear to me because my mom has had strokes before, and as a person with Chinese genes, I am most likely to die from a stroke.

I was recently invited to a Boy’s Night Out event hosted by The Bear at the grand prize $2 million Dream Home to see what it was like. Among the guest list were The Bear’s contest winners and fellow social media personality Chris Tse as well.

The gymnasium in the basement. 360 view:

There was pizza from Canadian and drinks to accompany the Oilers Game that was on in the massive area in the basement I’d call the man cave. I mean really massive. In this area was a lounge for us to watch the same, a refreshment counter, and a space for a bubble hockey table. Sitting at the stools, you’ll overlook the personal workout gym connected to a gymnasium. In the gym, you can play a game of basketball, floor hockey, and even volleyball. There’s a mural across the entire gym to add colour, and a glass lookout point for spectators to sit on the stairs to watch the tournament you host with your buds.

Here’s a 360 video tour of the $2 million grand prize dream home. Scroll down for the rest of the story.

Taking a step back, as you enter the house, you’re greeted with a grand piano (also a prize) room which connects to a full room for your guests to place bulky winter jackets and shoes into lockers. The room has space to sit and a place to place down their fresh potluck food that just came out of your friend’s oven down the Henday. There’s also a convenient bathroom to fix up their winter touque hair before they come into the house. There’s a 3 car garage and driveway for those VIP friends and family of course.

Locker room for your guests. 360 view:

As you enter the house, there’s a spacious living room with a 3 floor high ceiling, perfect to bring that giant Christmas tree you’ve always wanted to buy and display from the Festival of Trees. Large windows brighten up this space which also is a dining room. In the evening as the dark makes it an intimate gathering, light up the natural gas fireplace and warm up to those special bonding moments.

The 360 view of this room is much more impressive.

As you already see in the 360 view, the kitchen is a MasterChef’s dream. I’m sure Edmonton contestant Connie Trevor would agree. It’s so awesome that the microwave is hidden away, because… who needs it? There is a 3-sink-sink, a sink on the island, and a sink by your cappuccino machine. Large vertical fridge and freezer, top of the line range and oven, and diswasher is displayed in the kitchen. On the prep counters are pop out power outlets, just steps from the patio where you have some ribs going on the barbecue.

Going upstairs, sit on the lounge for those who are too cool to hang out with the rest of the people on the main floor, or would rather watch the Amazing Race instead of the Oilers play.

One of the kid’s rooms. 360 View:

The 2 kids bedrooms share the same toilet and shower, but have separate sinks so that teenager can get ready before school. There’s a study area with a wall which doubles as a chalk board. Write on that wall all they want. =)

Walk in shower, tub, toilet stall, and two sinks. 360 view:

Finally, the master bedroom is more than just a bedroom; it’s an entire suite or wing of the house. In this suite is of course the master bedroom. A study area is open for the husband who might just want that extra hour of online gaming before bed. In the bathroom, there’s a his and hers sink, a walk in shower the size of a twin bed, a bath tub with a book stand, and a private stall for the toilet.

A room-closet or closet-room? 360 view:

But the master bedroom suite is incomplete without a closet – a closet the size of a bedroom! In the centre is an island for folding laundry, which is also connected to this suite. My favourite part of the closet is the revolving shoe rack. If anything, that’s worth it right there for the price of a Full House Lottery ticket.

The Full House Lottery never oversells, so your chances of winning is as what is advertised. Currently April 22, it is 55% sold. . Just SOME of the other amazing prizes include trips of a lifetime to Cinque Terre, Berlin, Cape Town, Barcelona, to name a few,  multiple vehicles, and more, adding up to $5.1 million. Don’t forget there’s an early bird before on May 4 which will enter you into a draw including a Maserati Granturismo and a condo in the Ice District.

Visit to view all the prizes and information on how to get your tickets. The dream home location is also there for visiting which includes more prizes.

We saw the house on the commercial while we were still there!

And if you’re wondering which team won, of course it’s the Oilers!