Gangnam Street Food

Wall art in b&w

From the fine people over at Dookbaeki, Gangnam Street Food brings you some quick Korean street food eats that will have you dancing like Psi (I’ll let you look it up if you don’t already know).

Bulgogi Kimbap – $7.50-$8.50

With several small bites choices you can generally have a little or have a lot – I always go big at this place though haha.

My favorite choices are the Mozza Korean Style Hot Dog (shown below), the Bulgoi Kimbap (Above), Spicy Dak Gang Yung (Boneless fried chicken bites), The Bul Dak Bo Kkeum Myun and that Corn Cheese because I’m all about that corny cheesy life.

Mozza Hot dog with ketchup and honey mustard sauce (it does not come with those sauces, that is just me being wack) – $5.50-$6.50 Each

Open decently late (10PM everyday) and a nice location near many other Korean spots on the south side this is street food and should be taken as such, i,e prepare to eat heavy and share some good times whomever you go with,

I should also mention the prices are low but these items are small. So if you do it like me and eat a lot here, that bill can get up there. However, nothing is more than $9 buckaroos.

Listen, there are some mixed reviews out there and feelings about this spot, but I like it. It’s all in the name, Street Food. Simple, gooey and cheesy with a late night in-and-out sorta vibe. This is a great choice for a quick bite; late-ish night after drinking/hangover spot; or just casual drop in type of place to tide you over for a larger meal or before a night out. Overall 4/5.

Dak Gang Jung – $6.50
Corn Cheese – $5.50
Bul Dak Bp Kkeum Myun = $7.50