World Record ‘Dronie’ Attempt

To promote the first Nuit Blanche in Edmonton, an attempt to make the world’s largest Google Maps marker ‘dronie’ was made a month ahead. Participants received limited edition Nuit Blanche T-shirts. Below is a video which includes a timelapse of the world record attempt. It is unknown whether the record was made, nor if there was a previous record attempt to create a human Google Maps marker. Attepts to contact the organizers were not answered.

Nuit Blanche Edmonton is set to take place Sept 26, with public art installations extending into the evening. Events have been held around the world, where one night art projects are presented overnight, livening up winter cities which receive less sunlight in the winter. Calgary celebrated their first Nuit Blanche in 2012.

The first Nuit Blanche was started by Jean Blaise in 1984 and took place in Nantes, France. Six other cities held the original concept of the arts festival in the 1990s: Barcelona, Bogotá, St. Petersburg, Buenos Aires, Naples, Cairo, and Havana. Since then, over 120 cities around the world have been known to celebrate overnight ‘White Night’ arts festivals under the Nuit Blanche title. Joining Edmonton in their first event in 2015 is Santiago, Chile.

2 thoughts on “World Record ‘Dronie’ Attempt

  • At first glance I thought this was an RCMP Musical Ride. Then I noticed there no horses. Hmmm… maybe the RCMP should try this too. It’ll be the first horse ‘dronie’… probably. #yegexpo

  • Another demonstration of how committed to the arts and creative expression Edmonton is! Great find and vid Lincoln! #yegexpo


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