Grandin Centennial Mosaic Unveiled

Without television media present at the event, this is a Yegventures exclusive. Grandin School turned 100 in 2015 and celebrated the centennial with festivities, open house, and the unveiling of a centennial mosaic. The event began with an aboriginal dance, formal speeches by dignitaries, barbecue, and open house tours of the school in the Grandin community.

Grandin Centennial Exclusive Recap Video

View this recap video for highlights of the event, the mosaic unveiling, and a tour of the Edmonton heritage building.

Entire Formal Celebration

If you’d like to hear the entire speeches, view the entire formal celebration video.


3 thoughts on “Grandin Centennial Mosaic Unveiled

  • Love this beautiful piece of art Lincoln. Thanks for exposing Edmontons great creative and artistic spirit #yegexpo

  • So according to Joan Carr there was “nothing but prairie and wilderness” for the pioneers to encounter? I guess she doesn’t realize the Cree were already here. Or is she counting them as part of that “wilderness” she mentioned in her speech? #yegexpo

    • Well, the Cree didn’t have permanent settlements but I get what you mean. Maybe her speech was written by students? haha. jk

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