Healthy Fast Food?

Hungry Birds promotes the idea, fast food can be healthy and fast, and in my experience this fits that bill (get it?). Healthy, fresh local ingredients, and definitely was fast.

The “Create your own” bowl with rice noodles and chicken.

There’s a bunch (like, 19!) of sauce choices at Hungry Birds to add to your bowl or wrap and that makes me wanna come back, even if just to mix and match. I particularly enjoyed the pineapple curry sauce. They range from spicy, gluten free, dairy free as well.

As for the food itself, you can nab either a bowl or wrap and they also have four “Birds Favorites” that have all of the ingredients preset. If you choose outside of the four favorites you choose in steps sort of like Sub-Way or a Wok n’ Go style. Step one is the Bowl or wrap (3 types) Step two is your veggies (local and fresh) and step three is your protein which is a great choice list of rotisserie chicken, slow roasted shredded beef, black beans, pulled pork, falafel, and tofu. And lastly your filling and/or carbs baby!

which is your choice of brown or jasmine rice, shanghai, rice or egg noodles, or quinoa.

My bowl of jasmine rice and shredded beef with pineapple curry and jerk sauce!

At the end of the day this place serves up some tasty and healthy options that are easy to grab and I’d come back. I enjoyed the variety and fresh local flavours and although pretty brand new they didn’t seem to suffer much from some of the newly opened restaurant issues. I found the rice to be slightly overcooked but i’d say that’s an easy fix, wouldn’t you?

And how could I not mention the pita chips, which are baked daily and have a great flavour you wouldn’t expect in them. So if you’re feeling hungry, go check these guys out and smile for Sunny and his wife, because they’ll surely be smiling back.

Simply BLT with Chicken wrap