High Level Bridge Lights Up for Queer Community

Edmonton’s High Level Bridge was lit up in rainbow colours on December 6th in solidarity with the queer community after requests were made during the 3rd reading of Alberta’s controversial Bill 10 on Gay-Straight Alliances. The Bill was the tipping point in the splitting of Alberta’s opposition Wildrose Party. The City of Edmonton lit the bridge even though it is not policy to use the bridge for political purposes.

The lights were lit up on Canada Day this year as part of the Light The Bridge project. The campaign raised $2.5 million in private funds to install 60,000 LED lights. Since July, it has been lit various colours to signal events and highlight various organizations in the city. Opening on June 2, 1913, the bridge is home to the world’s highest river streetcar crossing. Replacing the Great Divide Waterfall, the lights mark the beginning of a new century for the local landmark.

One thought on “High Level Bridge Lights Up for Queer Community

  • Our office sponsored a couple of bulbs for the bridge! I really enjoy driving over the bridge at night and anticipating what the color pallette will be. It’s nice that YEG promotes awareness/events with the bridge! #yegexpo


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