Hoang Long Opening First Look

Hoang Long Fresh Market is the latest business to open at the street-front of the First & Jasper development. It opened this morning with a traditional Southeast Asian ritual fruit and burnt offering to the ancestors for blessing. Upon walking in, you’ll find a large array of desserts, then several self-serve pay-by-weight food counters. A large seating area is available for patrons, as well as a patio along Jasper Avenue. More of the first look can be seen in the video below.

It’s always exciting to see a celebration of culture and beliefs in our city. Burnt offerings in Southeast Asian countries are popular and with the mixed integration of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Daoism in culture, bits of customs from each religion are often practiced together.

The restaurant follows La Prep and 7 Eleven opening at the same retail centre beneath the Jacobs Tower (formerly Epcor Tower). State & Main will be opening a restaurant soon visible from around the corner at 101 Street. The location is at the Yegventures wayfinding exit C2 at Central LRT Station. Turn right at the road exit and it’s two stores to the right.



  • ISAM7330

    What kind of camera are you using? It seems to blur a lot when you move.

    • http://yegventures.ca Lincoln Ho

      I used two cameras here. I didn’t bring either of my video cameras with me as I didn’t know the place was opening. The first clip is from my Xperia Z3, the 2nd clip was from the a5000 which is a mirrorless made for photo capture. My old NEX5 did a better job at video focus tracking (and was actually a step up) but it doesn’t have wifi to phone, so I don’t take it out too often these days. I don’t like the video off of the a5000 myself (I prefer to use actual video cameras) but it was the only camera I had with me on Friday.

  • Jeff Gotell

    I would have gone to the ice cream first too. #yegexpo

    • http://yegventures.ca Lincoln Ho

      Now that I look at it, I think those cookies are with the ice cream to make ice cream sandwiches!

  • @Thatlawyerguy

    Another option for me to embrace my culture 🙂 Thanks for the video Lincoln – maybe I’ll hit up HL after #yegexpo?

  • Violet Poon

    They put the desserts first to load up on so no need to eat anything else. Durian ice cream, yum! #yegexpo

  • Mai Huynh

    Large array of deserts..very very interesting #yegexpo