Hoyas Are Plants You Can Neglect

Hoyas are climbers or trailers often in hanging baskets. These are tough plants that love the sun and can tolerate dry soil. Hoyas like to be rootbound so do not re-pot often or the plant will not bloom.

Another important fact to know about hoyas is to not remove the dead flowers. If you do remove the stem, the plant will not bloom the following year.

Below are three common types of Hoyas offered for sale.

Krimson Princess (Variegated Wax Vine)

New growth on krimson princess plants are pink. As the leaves mature, they form cream edges. Hoyas prefer full sun, so place in either an east or west facing window. They bloom in spring with white/pink flowers that smell like vanilla custard, honey, or chocolate.

Hoya Australis

The australis is an easy-to-care for hoya with round green leaves. New growth is red and this hoya sends out long vines with fragrant showy white flowers. Hoya australis prefers lots of light and can tolerate dry soil. 

Hoya Publicalyx (Silver Splash)

The silver splash has silver markings all through the leaves and the leaf is much longer and pointed. Instead of the usual white flowers, silver splash has mauve. They are slower growing than other hoyas, but treat it the same as any other hoya — give it lots of light and let it dry out between waterings.

Hoya Kerrii (Sweetheart Valentine Hoya)

The heartleaf hoya has been around for a while, but in recent years it is becoming increasing popular. Hoya kerrii has large heart shaped leaves either dark green or cream colored. Kerrii thrives on neglect and can go without water for long periods. The heartleaf flowers are just as beautiful as other hoyas, and are white with red centres.