Sausage Making A Tradition for Local Hungarian Church

St. Emeric Hungarian Catholic Church in Edmonton’s Grand Trunk area has been making sausages 3 to 4 times a year as a fundraiser to support the parish. In fact, it’s the only fundraiser that supports this Hungarian church.

It’s quite an operation as the devoted volunteers take a week to put the ingredients together, encase the sausage, and smoke it all within a kitchen specially designed for this purpose.

We visited the the parish while they made sausages in October 2021. They made over 1000 kg of sausage throughout the week.

Here is the sausage being smoked. It takes at least 6 hours of smoking per batch.

If you’re looking to order some sausage, be sure to make your order ahead of time as they sell out two weeks before they make sausage.

Along with sausage, the community also jars cabbage.

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