Jang Edmonton -Korean/Japanese Fusion Nummyness

Gogi get you some

Many Korean spots hit up the traditional while Jang adds some Japanese and modern fusion for flare. Above is a nice mix and our foodie crews fav of the night, The Gogi Platter (Galbi, Teriyaki Steak with kimchi butter, apple kimchi, Pork Belly, and Spicy Pork Shoulder! )

Extra Crispy Beer Battered KFC (That’s Korean Fried Chicken to all you who were thinking of the fast food chain)

I am Taro-Bly in love with those Taro Fries snuggled behind the chicken, like the middle child in a family of deliciousness the fries will be overlooked when this combo arrives at your table, and not dissimilar to the middle child, they are a bit salty, but sweet too. I would have preferred them a touch crispier, but they will hit your salty/sweet/french fry flip switch if you have one.

To sum up, I enjoyed Jang and will be back! 4/5