Alberta Hamlet Goes Viral on TikTok

Kavanagh, Alberta received viral attention on TikTok after a video featuring the hamlet was posted on the platform.

In the video, Lincoln Ho mentions that the place, located between Leduc and Wetaskiwin, is so small that a street address is needed to find the hamlet.

Kavanagh, Alberta consists of a service road with a back alley. Across the highway are also a few more residences. The 2016 Canadian census recorded a total of 47 residents residing in 20 dwellings.

The TikTok video to date has received 102,394 views, meaning more than 21 times the population of Kavanagh has seen the video. Located north of Millet along Highway 2A, Kavanagh is certainly on the map now!

Here’s the TikTok video below.