Ordering Every Sushi on the Menu

Have you ever had the urge to order everything on the menu? I had the opportunity to try at least every sushi on the menu when I visited Kyoto Sushi in Edmonton for the first time in 2021.

Disclaimer: This is definitely not sponsored; I paid for everything I ordered and was happy to do so.

Located on the corner of 63 Ave and 99 Street, Kyoto Sushi is one of at least 3 sushi restaurants in Edmonton named Kyoto, or which there are 3 different owners. This one has been open for over 10 years and I had never had the chance to visit until this visit.

I had arrived about half hour before the restaurant was supposed to open, but I found that they had opened early and the chef was very welcoming to let me in for dine-in service. Once inside, I saw some origami fish hanging from the ceiling, and at every table there was a recipe to their house salad dressing which I found showed how friendly and down-to-earth the chef was.

After opening the menu to see all the items I wanted to try, and not knowing what to order since this was my first visit, I made the decision to be spontaneous and try all the a-la-carte nigiri sushi that was available. With 20 different types of nigiri, I think I would be able to eat it in one sitting. Plus, I was able to do so without breaking the bank.

When I made my order and asked for one of everything, the chef of course, asked if I was sure. After confirming, he checked to make sure he had every item listed, of which only one was not in stock (I think it was the sweet shrimp). So 19 pieces of nigiri sushi it was!

While waiting, chef offered me a bowl of miso soup on the house.

After not long of a wait (remember the store was not technically open yet), it was the moment I had been waiting. Nineteen pieces of sushi served on two separate plates arrived. When the dishes arrived, chef suggested that I eat it contrary to how I had always known to eat sushi. Instead of starting from the light colours and working up to the strongest flavours, he said to try them in order from the darkest to lightest.

Let me tell you that this was a lot of sushi in one sitting. I was very full by the time I finished. When the chef came by again, he asked me which were my favourite. I would say the squid, chop chop, saba, toro, and salmon were my favourites.

Now back to the contentious order of eating sushi, it really doesn’t matter which order you eat in because the ginger refreshes your palatte between each type of fish. Plus, eating it this way actually helped in preventing the strong fish burps afterwards.

It was definitely a great experience and I look forward to visiting Kyoto Sushi again.


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