Lincoln Ho Productions Logo Variations

The Lincoln Ho Productions logo has been used for various projects and stems from the Lincoln Ho Architecture design brand, when it was used to render building designs. From there, the logo was primarily used at the end of many Yegventures YouTube videos until the Yegventures brand spread across other social media platforms.

Remnants of the logo and the classic Lh design are still currently featured on the YouTube landing page, including the avatar for the channel.

The logo is made of a yellow Lh image, with text for productions in Arial font. Ho is also in yellow to highlight a word change. The main Lh design beyond the initials for Lincoln Ho is to resemble a cityscape. This cityscape design is borrowed to form the barcode version of the Yegventures logo.

The logo has its regular white version with transparent background, as well as a black version for a white background (rarely used in a video).

Fun fact: If you notice a familiar colour scheme, it’s because it’s inspired by National Geographic.

Regular white logo on black background.
Regular white logo on transparent background allows use in video overlay.

Beyond the logos above, these are examples where it was modified for various occasions.

This was a branding rule-breaker at the time, but since then, the industry has shifted to make this logo modification trending. The biggest example is with corporate logos being changed for pride events. Another great example of logo modification is with CityTV, where each of their show ads have a modified logo to fit the theme of the show.

For LRT videos, we sometimes used this modified logo, playing with a metro map.
A version with red and white with a pin-on poppy replacing the o in Ho was used for a Remembrance Day music video.
For the video about the LEGO store opening, we replaced the logo with bricks.
For Canada Day, a red and white colour scheme was used.
For the occasion of Chinese New Year, the Ho surname was altered to use its Chinese character, with red text.