Historic Magna Carta Ends Visit to Canada

The historic document Magna Carta which has influenced and impacted laws and policies around the world for centuries will be leaving Edmonton after its first visit abroad. The copy of the document, along with the Charter of the Forest left Durham Cathedral for the the first time ever, on a tour of Canada. Magna Carta Canada made its way to 4 Canadian cities while on tour, visiting Gatineau, Winnipeg, and Toronto. Edmonton is its last stop before returning to Durham Cathedral. It is touring as it is the 800th anniversary of the original sealing in 1215 AD.

Here is a video with the staff at the Visitors Centre giving a quick information tour of the exhibit to accompany your visit. Bruce Cinnamon talks about the beginning and last part of the show, Barbara Hilden discusses the two historic documents of Magna Carta and Charter of the Forest, and Al Chapman takes us into using the digital manuscript available at the gallery. A transcript of the video will be available soon.

Magna Carta: Law, Liberty, & Legacy opened in Edmonton November 23 and is slated to close December 29. The free exhibit is the first show to open in the Borealis Gallery at the new Legislative Assembly Visitors Centre, located at the Edmonton Federal Building. Exhibit hours are 9am-8pm weekdays and 12-8pm weekends. It will close Christmas Eve at 5pm and be closed Christmas Day. To get here, take exit A at Grandin station and follow the signs to Magna Carta which should direct you to the pedway on the left, before the ramp to the viewing area. More information on the exhibit here.