Full Body Massage at the Tip of Your Fingers

In the latest series of digital apps for lifestyle use, I had the opportunity to try out an in-home massage service through the Massago app, available through the Google Play store and the Apple App store. 

I had no trouble downloading the app. Once you have the app downloaded and opened, you need to sign in or register. The first time registering I had a little bit of an issue on my Android registering. However, reopening the app resolved the issue, and I was in. I’d like to note that in order to register you will need to follow the instructions to upload an image of your driver’s license. This is due to the nature of the in-house service and the safety and security of both clients and the registered massage therapist (RMT).

Through Massago, there are several different types of massages to choose from, including deep tissue and Swedish massage. You also are able to choose the duration of a massage such as one hour to two hours. And if you are booking a massage with somebody else at the same address back to back, there is a discount as the RMT does not need to travel in between sessions. A couples massage option is also available where two RMTs may be booked to have a couples session side by side.

So after booking my massage, I received a couple emails. The first email included a form to fill out for my profile. This form asked for background health information relevant to massage therapy, the trouble spots in need of therapy, and any additional health issues they may need to be aware of.

The second email was a confirmation of my booking, and additional information to know. I had to supply my own pillowcase, 2 sheets, & a towel (although I never ended up using it).

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On the day of the massage I was sent a notification on my phone and also on my email. Before the registered massage therapist arrived to my house, I received a text message indicating that she may be late due to rush hour and the freezing rain road conditions.

When my RMT Morgan arrived (on time I may add), she brought in her equipment which included the massage table and her oils. 

The session did start a little late as there was difficulty with downloading my form (from their centre) as I filled it out last minute before she arrived. Morgan was able to set up the table within 5 minutes.

The session began with her washing her hands, then a verbal confirmation that she will be doing a massage therapy session.

Like any other massage therapy that I’ve had in the past, Morgan did a great job at finding trouble spots such as my neck and shoulders which are always under stress from carrying my camera equipment. She also played some music which relaxed the mood. There was occasional conversation but not too much to enjoy the session.

After the hour-long session was over (which I wished lasted longer since she found many points of tension on me), she allowed time for me to get back up while she cleaned up.

Before heading to her next session in another part of the city, Morgan provided me advice on how to manage two tension spots in my shoulders and my hip. I appreciate that she did care about reducing the stress even after the session and while she had to head to the next appointment. She showed me two different stretches I could do to relieve stress in the trouble spots.

I did mention about security earlier. All the RMTs contracting with Massago have to go through a police check. Clients are also screened, although I did not confirm how this was done. Morgan noted that with every session Massago would also contact the therapist from their centre as the session was ending, to ensure that they are safe. If after a few times of contact they do not respond, it automatically generates a police dispatch to the address. This was very reassuring for me both as a client, and as someone who knows an RMT who contracts with Massago in Calgary. I wished that all employers which have in-home visits screened both their staff and clients this way in their policies.

So despite the small app blip in getting registered, I enjoyed my entire experience from downloading the app to the moment Morgan stepped out of my house. It was convenient for me to click on a few buttons instead of waiting on the phone, and instead of spending the time to go to a massage clinic, I simply headed home to wait for the service to arrive. And since it was so cold outside it was nice not to have to head back outside after a relaxing and therapeutic massage session.

Discount alert! Receive $20 off your first Massago booking using the code ‘HBEMI’.

Here is the link to Massago on the Google Play store.

Full disclosure: I was given a free session by Massago. However, I would have booked a session the same month with my regular RMT if I had not been offered this opportunity. It came at the perfect moment.