The Music Video That Took A Year To Create

A video featuring local musician Joyce Chan took an entire year to film, literally. The concept covers all four seasons in the city, and that was why it was a long production to put together. The project was a product of the Faith Rock Star 3 series where Zadok Wu came out as the winner. Joyce Chan was the runner-up in the competition. Due to Wu being out of the country, the series opted to spend the resources to create a recording and multiple music videos for Chan. During the series, one of the challenges contestants had to do was to write an original song. He Has A Plan was the result of less than one week of writing, and a debut for the first-time song-writer.

Faith Rock Star 1 originally was completed in one evening, with Allen Chan, Joyce’s brother winning. Faith Rock Star 2 stretching a couple days at Edmonton Chinese Baptist Church and winner Geoff Ing was chosen. He had an album ‘When All Is Said And Done’ produced with two music videos. The third series opened up the competition to Edmonton Chinese Alliance Church with production lasting several weeks. Faith Rock Star 2 and 3 series may be found on YouTube.

Faith Rock Star 2 Winning Single

This is the music video for the coronation single for Faith Rock Star 2 winner Geoff Ing. Like Chan’s song, this was also written by contestants.

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