Local Filmmaker Recruits for Hell

A local filmmaker is raising hell in his latest instalment of a webseries which received $10,000 to produce its pilot last year.  He’s entered ‘the Hive’ again, to produce more. “The universe of Necessary Evil is very big. We have a lot of stories we’d like to tell.” Says Randy Brososky, the writer, producer, and actor in the series.

Brososky is speaking about his entry in last year’s STORYHIVE, Necessary Evil, a story about a low-level demon working in corporate hell. “Hell LLP is the ultimate in bureaucratic bloat. As the largest, oldest corporation in the underworld, it’s the purest manifestation of corporate dysfunction.” One day our hero gets a phone call that changes his lot in life, and not necessarily for the better.

The latest story in the Necessary Evil webseries is Recruiting Hell, a sort of behind-the-scenes glimpse of the making of a corporate recruitment video for Hell LLP.


Brososky explains the inspiration behind the webisode, “As a marketing guy in my daily life, I have been on many of these shoots. And no matter what the final outcome is, it often pales compared to the story of putting it all together. There is often a terrific clash of personalities, which would of course be truly epic when the personalities are corporate demons.”

The TELUS STORYHIVE competition started last year as a competition to encourage and allow local filmmakers to receive funds to produce a TV web series. The competition required social media interaction and depended on viewer votes. Finalists all received $10,000 to produce their pilot based on the script idea they submitted. The winner then received the funds to create the entire series. TELUS then followed up with a smaller STORYHIVE competition for music video producers earlier this year.

Now, the STORYHIVE is back and participants are once again rallying for votes to make their dreams come true. STORYHIVE has also changed the rules and will allow not only one vote per selection, but daily user votes. Brososky adds, “It is a bit of a challenge for anyone participating in this year’s TELUS STORYHIVE competition because after two elections in one year, it’s understandable for people to be a little tired of anyone asking for votes. It feels like a lot to ask people, who are probably wishing they were done with voting now for at least a few years, but it is a necessary evil. And I’m familiar with those.”

To vote for Brososky or any other film submitted to the latest STORYHIVE competition, click here.

Yegventures also has another media exclusive, an interview with Brososky at the pilot screening of Necessary Evil from last year.

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