Keep It Weird Edmonton – Old Strathcona Bustling With Life

During the May 2021 in the height of the 3rd wave in Canada, Old Strathcona was alive as can be within one city block in front of Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market.

This band took up the airwaves with their funky music in front of Walterdale Playhouse.

Across the street was a vocal protest where a vegan group claimed meat eating was the cause of you-know-what.

At the corner was the unforgettable smell of freshly popped sweet kettle corn.

Across the way was another musician setting up shop waiting for the band to stop playing to get his beat going.

Back at the end of the road segment at Dr. Wilbert MacIntyre Park, a peaceful demonstration took place for the Falun Dafa.

Keep it weird has been a saying for Portland, and Austin, but what about Edmonton? It definitely was surreal to say the least.

One last thing, at the beginning of June 2021, the Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market changed their sign from green to yellow. What do you think of this new sign facing 83 Avenue?