Olly Fresco’s made-to-order pasta is ?

Olly Fresco’s is a chain of cafeteria-style food halls in 5 Canadian cities (currently only open Calgary, Edmonton, and Montreal). This urban food market serves selections both prêt-à-manger (ready-to-eat) and made-to-order. Unlike similar markets such as Sunterra Market, Olly Fresco’s products are primarily fresh and perishable.

At the Edmonton City Centre location, Olly Fresco’s has a sandwich & breakfast grill, salad bar, and pasta flambé station.

We opted for the build-your-own pasta which is created by picking a pasta, sauce, and toppings. For pasta, choose from spaghetti, farfalle, or penne. Sauces include tomato, rosé, alfredo, or Bolognese. Toppings fall in categories of vegetarian, meat, or seafood with different items for each.

Here is a penne pescatore which was hot to the very last bite thanks to the flambé cooking. For basic pasta with sauce is $6.99, meat is $1.50, veggies are $0.50. This to-go dish cost $9.99 plus tax.

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