Pop-Up Winter Art in Oliver

Oliver resident Eric Klyne has only been a snow sculpture artist for a year, but that didn’t stop him from bringing life to one of Edmonton’s oldest neighbourhoods in the coldest February in 40 years. The self-taught artist started with a few pieces last year, but has created over 28 works of art within a span stretching 2 blocks.

The sculptures range from recognized landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, to the Egyptian God Anubis, as featured in The Mummy movies. You’ll also find the mysterious heads of Easter Island, and animals like rabbits and sharks.

Most of the works are located at the corner of 99 Avenue and 113 Street. A local church offered some of their front yard as a gallery for the sculptures. Two private residences have also allowed Klyne to add sculptures on their property.

Here’s an exclusive Yegventures interview with the artist on March 3, 2019.

If you’d like to visit them, hurry before they melt away.