Taste the Royal Wedding Cake in Alberta

Didn’t receive an invitation to the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? Well, at least there’s a sweet fairy tale ending available in our province named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta. From May 12-May 19 (the week before the big day), all The Cheesecake Cafe locations will be serving the Royal Wedding Cake using the same recipe as the future Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Cheesecake Cafe will be selling this Royal Wedding Cake May 12-20, 2018.

The cake breaks from Royal tradition of fruitcake, and will instead be a lemon elderflower cake with buttercream. The Cheesecake Cafe Spruce Grove obtained the recipe and their 3-layer design of the cake with the buttercream and elderflower syrup dressed in classic The Cheesecake Cafe style.

We tasted the gold and white cake and it was not too sweet, with a subtle but refreshing touch of lemon. For those worried about the more foreign taste of elderflower, this would take a more refined tongue to pick out its distinct flavour, which is often a bit too powerful in other sweet drinks and desserts. The simplicity of the cake makes it perfect for the wedding couple to store the top tier and enjoy on the first wedding anniversary.

Meghan Markle with HRH Prince Harry. Photo: Mark Jones (CC BY 2.0)

In the case of the Royal Couple, the cake may be divided and sent out as gifts, as was the case for William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of York. It sounds like a strange idea to send cake in the mail, but for a cool £50,000, it better be possible.

Do not worry about converting over British pounds, or remortgaging your home to have a taste of the cake. Cheesecake Cafe will be selling the cakes by the slice for $8, with a full cake for $30. Rumour has it that they’re starting a delivery service into Edmonton soon, so yes, you may even have a special order shipped to you as well.

Cheesecake Cafe Spruce Grove location.

There are three The Cheesecake Cafe locations in Alberta (Spruce Grove, Calgary, Grande Prairie), and they will all be selling the royal wedding cake. In conjunction with the cake, the restaurant will also be having a special drink for the occasion. While you’re there, have some of their savoury appetizers with a group of friends to mark the upcoming May Long where we traditionally celebrate Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday.

We tasted the whole appetizer menu as well!

Among the guests at our Royal Tea Party were YegFoodie, Let’s Eat Yeg, Yeggers, and Stella Stevens from CFCW, to name a few.

When food bloggers come together, no one’s eating any time soon. Photo: Jennie Marshall @missjenniem (Instagram)

Thank you to the fabulous Jennie Marshall and The Cheesecake Cafe owner Bobbi Beason for the invitation to the Royal Tea Party to taste the cake!

Jennie Marshall dressed for the Royal Tea Party.