Sand On Whyte Calls You Ogre

I’m here across the street from the Strathcona Hotel for the 3rd annual Sand on Whyte festival. This year it’s bigger than ever.

At this year’s event there are international sand sculpture artists from Netherlands and Vancouver, as well as local sculptors.

Right at the entrance you’ll find what everyone first tries to build with sand – a sand castle. This one just happens to be an epic sand castle by the Vancouver carver. Next up, you’re going to have to come on ogre to believe. The shear size of the orge really puts you in context to description in the fairytales. Look how big he is compared to the artist from the Netherlands. The 3rd one of a woman lounging in a divan really makes you want to lay back yourself and enjoy the summer heat.

The local sand artists are just as impressive. Here’s a zebra done in a massive way, and you’ll find my personal favourite, an angry birds tribute by this first time sand sculptor. Quite impressive if you ask me.

I was surprised to find out that people are the biggest threat to sand sculptures, as these are coated with an ecological sealer when complete. So when you visit, be sure not to touch these wonderful pieces of work for others to enjoy.

All the sculptures will be complete July 5th and viewable until July 12 this year. Admission is by donation and there is a draw for those who vote on the people’s choice.

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