Stir-Fry Ice Cream is Really Cool

It started in Thailand, then moved to Hong Kong. Recently it has come to North America with New York and Las Vegas lining up for this latest trend in frozen desserts. Move over cold stone creameries and self-serve yogurts, stir-fry ice cream is here. Stir-fry ice cream is made by pouring cream onto a teppan grill chilled down to as low as -35°C. Mix-ins are stir-fried on the chilling surface, and when the ice cream is frozen, it’s rolled up by scraping it off.

In Edmonton, the first rolled-ice cream parlour, Scoop n Roll, started their food truck business last year. This year, they’re back at a different location located at the 13154-137 Ave Staples lot (3:00-7:30pm on days they’re open). As we arrived at 3pm, a group had already formed to patiently wait half-hour for their orders. At $7 per order, it includes a choice of ice cream with 2 mix-ins. They used real branded ingredients for their mix-ins, with a an actual oreo cookie if that’s what you wanted. Honey comb (not the cereal) and Ferrero Rocher are an additional cost as an add-on. When your order comes up, you’re called to ensure you’re able to watch your dessert being made, and also so that it doesn’t start melting once it’s ready to serve.

It was a lot more ice cream than meets the eye, and the quick freezing meant ice cream that is super smooth as there wasn’t time for ice crystals to form (with the exception of strawberries if you have that in your mix-in). The ice cream was full of flavour, so much that the new Thai Tea flavour was so strong that it overpowered the real mango in the mix-in we ordered. One order is more than enough for two people to slowly enjoy. Even in a hot car, there was less melt down to the end than what you’d get with a traditional scoop service.

Was it worth it? For the flavour and the experience, absolutely. Of course, you’re not going to always have the time, nor the money to come often. See for yourself how their ice cream is made right in front of your eyes. Be sure to check if they’re open that day before you go here.

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  • The flavours sound much better than the usual vanilla and chocolate!

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