Hire me as Influencer / Creator / Social Media Manager

Who is Lincoln Ho?

My name is Lincoln Ho and I’m a digital content creator out of Edmonton, Alberta. I’ve been creating content for digital use for nearly two decades, even before YouTube was established. Over the years, I have been hired professionally to capture and create content for many clients over the years, whether as a paid hire, social media sponsorship, partnerships with in-kind gifts, or to help with local non-profit organizations. I’ve also included examples of my public work (linked where available) to let the content speak for itself.


My main brand Yegventures has over 65,000 followers between @yegventures and @yegventuresfood across multiple social media platforms including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Through Yegventures, I am currently a mid-tier influencer.

Yegventures produces online digital content both on social media and this website. Yegventures publishes the best of Edmonton and beyond, and in recent years, travel content has been included alongside food and general interest.

In 2022, I was selected to as part of the Edmonton Elks Influencer program.

What I Offer as an Influencer / Content Creator

When a company, organization, or individual invests in me as an influencer for their content creation, I am able to offer any of the following services (or combination thereof):

  • TikTok video
  • Instagram Reel, story, or post
  • Facebook video or post
  • Twitter post, live tweeting
  • Blog post on my website
  • Account takeover for an event
  • Boosted posts/ads

What I Offer as a Social Media Manager

When a company, organization, or individual invests in me as a social media manager, I am able to offer my expertise in content creation, draw from my library of local and related captured media, and help reach goals set by the client. This may mean a temporary contract for a festival or event, or regular on-going management. Frequency of posts is determined by client’s budget, as well as existing supplied content. As a content creator, I do prefer creating content for my clients to understand and experience what I am helping to market.

I have experience in the following platforms with over one million video views on at least one account (^with single videos over 1M views, *with over 500K views):

  • ^TikTok
  • ^Instagram
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • *Twitter
  • *Vine (discontinued platform)

Contact me

Each and every one of my clients receives customized service for their needs and budget. Other factors in cost may include paid ads, travel & accommodations, and additional purchases. Feel free to contact me for a consultation.

Past and Current Client Projects

At the request of the organizations (they made first-contact), I have worked with the following organizations in media/influencer partnerships in the past: paid, unpaid, and gifts-in-kind. Note that as I transition to become a full-time freelancer, paid partnerships are preferred for future collaborations and opportunities. This list is incomplete and not listed in any particular order.

Note that I have been promoting content on digital mediums before the term ‘influencer’ was a word, and before some rules and regulations were established. Some older content may not follow current influencer marketing guidelines, but I have included the work in this list.

Tourism and Business Associations

Flair Airlines 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Explore Edmonton 1 2 3
Edmonton Downtown Business Association 1 2 3 4
Edmonton International Airport 1 2
Tourism Vancouver
124 Street & Area Business Association
Kingsway District Business Association
Old Strathcona Business Association 1 2
City of Cambridge 1 2
Explore Waterloo Region 1 2
Fort Saskatchewan Tourism
Prince George Tourism 1 2 3 4
Vegreville Tourism
Downtown Kitchener

Festivals, Arts, and Events

Ice On Whyte 1 2 3 4
Sand On Whyte 1 2 3 4
Whyte Avenue Art Walk 1 2 3 4
Cavalia Odysseo 1 2 3
Edmonton Downtown Dining Week 1 2
Festival of Trees 1 2 3 4 5
Flying Canoe Festival 1 2
Canadian Finals Rodeo 1 2 3
The Works Art and Design Festival
Glow Edmonton
Vignettes Edmonton
Model Train Show
Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo 1 2 3
Edmonton Gem and Mineral Show
Silver Skate Festival
Edmonton Winter Cities 1 2
Lord of the Wings Festival
Deep Freeze Festival
Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest 1 2
Edmonton International Street Performers’ Festival
About Light
Glow Fest YYC
Western Canada Fashion Week 1 2 3 4 5
Nuit Blanche

Businesses, Attractions, and Start-ups

Narcity Edmonton
Southgate Centre
Londonderry Mall
Kingsway Mall 1 2
Edmonton City Centre 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
TransEd (Valley Line LRT) 1 2
Alberta Food Tours
City of Edmonton 1 2 3 4
Edmonton Transit
Muttart Conservatory 1 2
Shaw Conference Centre 1 2
Yeg Travel Show
Chef Table Living Food Adventure Tours 1 2 3 4 5
Edmonton Potato Growers
Fantasyland Hotel
Walper Hotel
Clearance Bin Store
Sid’s Selfie World 1
Treasure Hunt Liquidation Store
Edmonton Public Library 1 2
Rally Social Room
Shaw TV Community Channel 1
Bountiful Farmers’ Market
What’s the Deal Yeg
YEG Scoot
McBain Camera
Hansen Distillery
Rabbit Hill Ski Resort
Wabamun Sailing Club
Paraiso Tropical
Fairmont Hotel Macdonald 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Yeg Picnic
Edmonton Kayak
City of Cambridge
Alberta Chamber Market
Bad Axe Throwing
ATB Financial 1 2 3
Renaissance Hotel Airport

Additional Charitable Organizations

Fort Edmonton Foundation 1
Valley Zoo Development Society 1 2 3 4 5
University Hospital Foundation 1 2
DreamLife Lottery
Full House Lottery 1 2
RMH Red Shoe Crawl 1 2
Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton 1
International Deaf Catholic Association – Canada
Edmonton Christmas Bureau
On-Site Placement
Catholic Social Services
Edmonton Radial Railway Society
Edmonton Railway Museum 1 2
Creator Industries
Northlands Edmonton
Save the Ring Houses


Café Bicyclette
Pablo Japanese Bakery Cafe 1 2
Burger Daddy
Fuzed Kitchen & Bar 1 2
BarBurrito 1 2
Snack Haven Deli
Carl’s Jr.
TWH Social
Borealis Grille
Waterloo Brewing
Concordia Haus
Blues on Whyte
*There was an issue with my Instagram account not having all features, so I had to create a new account for Yegventures Food. All food partnership posts prior to 2021 are now on an archived account.
Large scale events such as locally-operated Glow Edmonton have partnered with me multiple times over the years.


I work in a professional manner with all my clients. I stand by ethical means of gaining audiences organically (not buying followers, nor using bots for follower engagement). I seldom make first contact with a brand and mainly rely on repeat customers, referrals, or organic reach (In other words, I would never contact anyone to get free stuff).

For influencer collaborations and opportunities, I follow all professional guidelines with regards to influencer disclosure agreements and usage of non-copyright materials. If content is not reaching its targeted viewership, I may offer a in-platform paid promotion of the content to ready the goal based on the contract terms. I also provide screenshots of analytics for campaigns.

I am here to promote clients using my content, and not for self promotion to get more followers (i.e. follow to win). As such, I rarely do ‘giveaways’ for small businesses, as it does not drive business organically nor help with regular content trending onto the algorithm. I also stand behind the merit of my work, and I believe giveaways deter from the true value of the content I create.

For accessibility needs, I offer captioning for short-form content either as text on video, or as a captioning file.

I have partnered with University Hospital Foundation for hire and volunteered my services for years as a cause I am dear to.

Contact me

Each and every one of my clients receives customized service for their needs and budget. Other factors in cost may include paid ads, travel & accommodations, and additional purchases. Feel free to contact me for a consultation.