Christmas House in St Paul

We have confirmed this house is lit for Christmas 2018. There is also a new space shuttle!

Two hours northeast of Edmonton, Don Mudryk has lit up the night at his home in St Paul. On his property sits several hand-crafted wonders, including a carousel, ferris wheel, and a steam train. He began only 5 years ago, making a nativity scene out of Christmas lights, then the rest, like Rudolph, is history. Here’s an interview with Don Mudryk on on-of-a-kind his Christmas house.

The location of this house is embedded in the map. To get there, simply drive a minute north on Highway 881 from 50 Ave in St Paul, Alberta. If you get lost, find the UFA, then the house is a block north. It’s open daily from November 25 until the first week of New Year’s from 4:30pm to 9:30pm (until 10pm near Christmas).

St Paul, Alberta is where country singer Brett Kissel is from. Down the other end of the city along 50 Ave is the world’s first UFO landing site.