The Manor Casual Bistro Closing After 25 Years

After 25 wonderful years on High Street, The Manor Casual Bistro is set to close its doors after a final meal on Sunday, March 31, 2019.

Over the years, The Manor has come out with a few must-have signature menu items. For the past few months they have had specials on them as weekly specials. Here are 3 items you still have a few days to try out before last call on Sunday night.

Schnitzel with spaetzle at The Manor Casual Bistro.

Their schnitzel is hands down the best I’ve had in Edmonton. The simple dish is well executed, with the crisp breading snug on the pork cutlet. No need for dozens of different toppings to dress perfection. It comes with a melted butter and lemon, and rotating side items depending on the day. In the image, they had spaetzle available as a side.

Nasi goreng from The Manor Casual Bistro

A Malaysian-Indonesian dish is something you don’t generally associate with a western restaurant, but the Nasi Goreng at The Manor is another must-eat menu item. I’ve had many asian versions of this dish in Edmonton, and I never had a liking for this dish… until I tried the one here. It comes with well seasoned chicken fried rice and the standard pan-fried egg like all other Nasi Goreng dishes. However, dump in all the sides that come with it – sour cream, peanuts, hot sauce, soy dressing, and peanut sauce – and it is a dish like no other. From crunchy to creamy textures, sweet, sour, savoury, and spicy, every spoonful is a pleasant surprise. And to top it all off is an in-house shrimp cracker.

The third go-to dish is a sharable charcuterie for two. With imported cured meats and fine cheeses, The Manor was one of the first establishments in the city to serve this popular meat and cheese platter often paired with wine.

Croque mon’soubise from Partake.

However, while one chapter ends, two other culinary establishments continue their tale. It’s only steps away that you’ll be able to keep enjoying the food from Manor Bistro owners Lisa Dungale and Cyrille Koppert. The restaurateurs also own the classic Urban Diner and the fairly new concept Partake. Both are located beside each other on High Street.

Thanks for the memories, The Manor Casual Bistro!