Men In Heels Kick Violence to the Curb

The men are back in heels today in Churchill Square for YWCA’s 6th annual Walk A Mile In Her Shoes campaign. The campaign aims to kick domestic violence to the curb by bringing in men to walk in heels and fundraising for the domestic violence program at YWCA. Yegventures is not at the event this year, but we fully support the initiative.

The top 10 walkers this year raised over $20,000, with  top walker Al Madge raising over $5000 alone. Finning Canada returns as the top team, raising over $15,000 for the cause.

Al Madge, from Finning, raising over $5000 by himself. Photo: @AndrewKnack on Twitter.

Remember the campaign is not finished. The goal is $200,000 and they’ve raised just $113,000 to date. There are still other upcoming events in the next month. More about Edmonton’s Walk A Mile In Her Shoes, upcoming fundraisers, and how you can give may be found here.

In 2014, Edmonton police responded to 7,601 domestic violence calls. The sad news is that countless incidents go unreported. Many of the households where domestic violence occurs also have a child/children present – which means there is usually more than one victim.

On any given day, more than 200 Albertan women will seek protection from a shelter or transition home. 

Violence against women costs Canadian society more than $4.8 billion each year and takes an incalculable human toll.

– Walk A Mile In Her Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a couple videos from previous years.

2013 Video

2012 Video

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  • Great cause. See in heels next year, Lincoln.


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