Wetzel’s Pretzels Sets Sail with New Airport Mall Location

The original Canadian location at West Edmonton Mall.

For Americans, Wetzel’s Pretzels has been a family name for over two decades. In Canada, Edmonton is the only city with this delicious fast-food franchise. The city now has a new location at the Edmonton International Airport’s Premium Outlet Collection shopping centre to add to the three existing locations. To celebrate, Wetzel’s Pretzels invited Yegventures for a pretzel party on our most well-known transportation landmark, the Santa Maria ship at West Edmonton Mall, where they have two boutique locations.

The Santa Maria is located beside Wetzel’s Pretzels.

And the party was everything you could dream of involving pretzels! There were full-sized soft pretzels straight from the oven (my favourite kind of pretzel), pretzel bites, pizza bitz, jalapeno bites, hot dog pretzels, sweet pretzels, and all the dips to go with it. Of the dips, there was marinara sauce, cheese, jalapeno cheddar, caramel sauce, and icing.

We also got to taste some delights on the Santa Maria. Here’s a video about the ship at West Edmonton Mall.