Chili Cook-Off A Spicy Hit

The 2016 Chili Cook Off is Nov 4, 2016 from 11:30-1:30 in Churchill Square. 

The 25th Annual Chili Cook Off kicked off the Canadian Finals Rodeo’s Rodeo Week in Edmonton. The annual event attracts downtown lunch goers and tourists coming to town for the CFR, which will be the 42nd event in 2015. Over the years it has taken some various names, but the Chili Cook Off remains one of favourite events for Edmontonians in November, even though it only runs for 2 hours.

This year’s vendors included the fine dining establishments like Zinc, Fairmont MacDonald, and Westin. What was impressive to guests was that there were also a couple community organizations Meals on Wheels and Kids In The Hall. Meals on Wheels is a non-profit organization which makes meals in house and then delivered to clients through volunteers. Kids In The Hall isn’t the Canadian comedy show but the cafeteria at City Hall which gives a second chance by hiring struggling youth.

In the short span of the event, we couldn’t get to all the vendors which included the longest line for Fantasyland Hotel. Here are our top 3 from today.

Fairmont Mac had a great balance of meat and beans in their chili. It was traditional but had plenty of textures and ingredients like pork belly and bison.
Craft perhaps had the most unique flavours in their chili. There was a sweet subtlety by using chocolate like a mole sauce, a boost with Transcend coffee, and some stout with the guac.
Nova Hotel has always been on top with their decorative display. But they really stepped up to encourage the People’s Choice with their artisan breadstick, choice of veggie and bison chili, and a virgin caesar.

Official 2015 Chili Cook Off Winners

Judges’ Choice: Fantasyland Hotel

People’s Choice: Winspear & Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

Best Decoration: Nova Hotel

Pictures and Videos

In addition to food, the entertainment was a lot of fun with a large square dance, wait for it, in an actual square. This was followed by a line dance almost everyone participated in. It really felt like the Scarborough Dance Fair.

 Here is a video below from the 23rd Chili Cook Off. Yee-ha!

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