Yegventures TV Interview

Part 3 came up sooner than expected. A local community channel has featured Yegventures to complete the 3 part webisodes. This one was released today about the fossils you can find around Churchill Square. That’s correct, in a province where the most dinosaur fossils are found in Canada, even our building materials have embedded fossils in them. Although not dinosaurs, the fossils on display are just as impressive.

If you missed it, here are the first two features which, you guessed it, goes on mini Yegventures around Churchill Square. All are under 3 minutes, so they’re short and fun.

Part One

Part one takes you to a unique point of interest at Churchill station which really should belong in a museum. Then hover over the bells of the Friendship Tower at City Hall.

Part Two

Note that the editing cut off the fact that the “little bit of income” from YouTube is really less than $5/month. For the all the work it takes to make Yegventures and provide it for free, it’s not even enough to cover for gas. That said, for those wanting to be a YouTuber, there is money out there if you’re willing to do the work and post things in a niche market. There’s a lot of talented individuals in the local blogosphere, and hopefully Edmonton translates to become a YouTube generating centre of Canada now that Toronto has opened their YouTube studio. Bring it to Edmonton!

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