Valley Zoo Festival of Light

The 4th annual Valley Zoo Festival of Light has its theme this year as Zoominescence. It’s already becoming an Edmonton holiday favourite. The Valley Zoo is lit up by several light installations and open to visitors for rare evening visits.

The 2016 Festival of Light, hosted by the Valley Zoo Development Society, has been extended until Friday, December 23! See full information here. Admission is less than regular price and you get to go into the zoo after dark to see the nocturnal animals.

One of the artist installations from the 2016’s Zoominescence.

2014 Pre-Opening Tour

Edmonton Valley Zoo’s winter Festival of Light displays the zoo like never before. I took a pre-festival tour of the zoo to capture this footage. The Matrix is one of the main displays this year. It resembles Northern Lights lighting up the entire entrance area and the rest of the zoo. Beside it is a Christmas tree, but I hear there’s an enchanted tree that is a must see. To get to the enchanted tree, we’ll head through music in motion beside the Polar Extreme exhibit. You’ll pass by this tree which was the most photographed tree last year.

There’s a light maze and I think it’s better than a corn maze. Isn’t it a-maze-ing? There’s SNOW going back. Continuing on to the enchanted tree, we’ll take this lit path to see some of the animals, after all we are at a zoo. You’ll find the nocturnal lynx wide awake, a rare sight to see during daytime hours. The endangered snow leopard, Arctic fox, the otters, sheep, and lucy the elephant who chooses to walk outside on her own.

Before seeing the enchanted tree, shop by for a hot chocolate and a public free skate where you can enjoy fresh chiseled ice sculptures. Don’t forget the light display on lemur island by at the Makira Outpost.

And finally steps away is the enchanted tree. Isn’t it a sight to see? If you wish really hard, you might even get to see Lucy under the tree!

The Festival of Light proceeds go towards the Valley Zoo Development Society for more exciting exhibits and events at the zoo.

2013 Inaugural Year

The Valley Zoo Development Society hosted the Festival of Light this winter at Edmonton Valley Zoo. The 10 day event included artistic light installations, entertainers, free hot chocolate and pizza, and a glimpse of the new developments opening up soon at the facility. It was also a rare opportunity to see some of the zoo landmarks at night time.

Along with the light festival, visitors were able to catch a sneak preview of the new $50 transformation of the zoo. There’s a new entry plaza, meeting space, cafe, zoo-tique, EdVenture Lodge, Wander Trail, and the Arctic Shores Exhibit.

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