Ice And The City Food Walk Tours

Chef Table Living is currently offering Food Walk Tours as part of Ice On Whyte’s Ice and the City 2021 ice sculptures places across the Edmonton. There are 13 different circuits which may be booked in both Downtown and Old Strathcona. Each circuit includes 3 restaurant stops, passing by ice sculptures along the way.

Here is what we experienced on a Food Walk Tour.

Sponsored disclaimer: We were offered a full complementary Food Walk Tour as part of an Ice On Whyte collaboration with Chef Table Living. Yegventures is paid by Ice On Whyte. Images of the ice were taken at the time of completion, and may not appear in pristine condition. Due to this week’s warm weather, sculpture 3 in this article has been removed completely but was in pristine condition during the tour.

Tour Begins: Sculptures 1 & 2

We begin on Rice Howard Way where there are two Ice and the City sculptures created by Ice on Whyte.

Here is a Sasquatch made by Peter Fogarty in front of Sherlock Holmes Pub downtown.

This is the 2nd Ice and the City ice carving on Rice Howard Way. Titled “Luna Bearealis”, it was made by Ice on Whyte resident artists Mark Berge and Cliff Vacheresse.

WIN with Ice On Whyte, Old Strathcona, and Downtown Business Association! Details below.

Food Stop A

The first stop on this circuit was at Tres Carnales Rostizado located on the north end of 4th Street Promenade.

From left to right, we have a bean and cheese mini burrito with guacamole crema, empanada rellena stuffed with braised beef short-rib paired with a chili oil dip, and papas supremas which are fries topped with fresh tomatoes, spring onion, sour cream, and braised beef short-rib.

Our favourite of the trio were the empanadas. They’re made from the recipe of the mother of the pastry chef! Here’s an image of two of the multiple staff which made Tres Carnales Rostizado such a pleasurable experience on the Ice and the City Food Walk Tour.

Just outside of Tres Carnales Rostizado is Edmonton’s Neon Sign Museum in the Ice District. Walking the streets of downtown certainly gives you a whole new appreciation of River City.

Food Stop B

The second stop on the circuit we took was at Bodega Tapas & Wine Bar by SABOR along Edmonton’s well-known downtown Boardwalk.

This leg of the Ice and the City Food Walk Tour included a red sangria. We loved it as it was so refreshing with the warmer weather this week.

The main dish from Bodega was this paella. You can choose between seafood, chicken, or vegetarian. This seafood paella will take you straight to Spain with its flavours and aromas. And yes, it has the crispy rice base every great paella is made of.

Sculpture 3

As we walk along to the next Ice and the City Food Walk Tour, take time to appreciate the ice sculpture in front of Rocky Mountain Icehouse. It is the second one at the same location during this year’s Ice on Whyte Festival 2021 tour. This eagle is the work of Steve Buzak who is also a chef by trade.

WIN with Ice On Whyte, Old Strathcona, and Downtown Business Association! Details below.

Food Stop C

The final food stop on this Ice and the City Food Walk Tour is at Central Social Hall. Here, choose any of their appetizers for your dish. This is their ‘Berta Sushi Roll with Alberta Sterling Silver® Ginger Beef. It is a whole steak cut of beef, not shaved, so it was extra special. A splash in the sweet soy dip, and your server will be asking you, “where’s the beef?” when they return for a quality check, as it will be all eaten up.

Another appetizer they offer is their locally made perogies with local crumbled sausage and caramelized onion sour cream. The perogies would be just how baba would make them from home!

Before leaving, we picked up a mini Chef Kit of goodies at the final stop, perfect for the walk back!

Sculpture 4

Of course, it ain’t an Ice and the City Food Walk Tour without once last ice sculpture as a cherry on top. Here is Steve Buzak’s owl which is holding out on its second warm spell. Quite a feat considering Steve from Ice on Whyte Festival created this in -31C weather and broke his tools in the cold.

WIN with Ice On Whyte, Old Strathcona, and Downtown Business Association! Details below.

Thanks for taking this Ice and the City Food Walk Tour with YEGventures! We’d like to thank Chef Table Living for this incredible experience which you can book right now before it’s finished at

Video Experience

Here’s a quick video experience of the Ice And The City Food Walk Tour.


There are three contests during the Ice On Whyte presentation of Ice And The City downtown. Depending on where you explore Ice And The City or take your Food Walk Tour, here’s are three different contests to be aware of.

Ice On Whyte Contest: Visit 5 Ice and the City stops to win big prizes from Ice On Whyte. You can do this by picking up a passport at a participating business and getting it stamped, or take photos of 5 sculptures and tagging it with #IceAndTheCityYeg and @iceonwhyte. You may also upload your photos to the Ice On Whyte website if you don’t have a social media account. Contest ends March 7, 2021.

Downtown Business Association Contest: Post a picture to Instagram using hashtags #IceAndTheCityYeg and #yegdt.

Old Strathcona Contest: While in Old Strathcona, you may stop by one of the Sweet Treats and Latte Festival cafes for a featured item. Post on social media to enter using #SweetTreatsYeg. Contest closes March 14, 2021 (fittingly on Pi Day).