Touring the Law Courts

On Law Day April 13, 2019, visitors get to have a tour of the court rooms, get locked up in a paddy wagon, take selfies behind bars, and ask legal questions to experts face to face.

Exhibitors will also be there for further learning and information. If you received a traffic ticket, get tips and pointers on how to proceed, whether to save money or to fight your ticket. There’s activities for all ages and items to take home.

You’ll also be able to find out how to get to free legal assistance, explore potential career paths including law enforcement and court captioning, as well as stories from real cases that took place.

Here’s a Yegventures video from the a past Law Day. It’s the only day of the year recordings are allowed in the building. Photos here.

Find the schedule and list of exhibitors for 2019 here. To get to the Law Courts, take exit C2 at Churchill LRT Station.


If you couldn’t get enough of it, here’s a pre-Yegventures video from the 2010 Law Day which includes a SWAT team demonstration.

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