We all want to know where we are. Here’s some useful maps for your enjoyment. There are rail maps, food, winter festivals, and more.

Use the filter on the top left of the map to personalize.

The Ultimate Yegventures Map

Because Google Maps only allows 10 layers, I was not able to fit the Sherwood Park LRT plan on here. Please scroll down to the LRT/Rail map to see the Energy Line.


Ultimate Current and Concept Rail Map (LRT, Streetcar, Cable Car)

This is an interactive map, you can click on the line to find more info about it. You can also filter out just the LRT or the Street Car. The Energy LRT Line to Sherwood Park is still in planning stage, so I have drawn out what makes the most sense for right of way.

Edmonton Streetcar and Buena Vista Cable Car Vision Map

I’ve written an entire proposal here if you’d like to read more about it.

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