Pablo’s Mini-Tart Giftboxes

Named after the Spanish modern artist Pablo Picasso, the mini cheese tarts from Pablo Japanese Bakery Cafe certainly is art in a tart. We were offered a special tour through Chef Table Living’s Ice On Whyte Food Walk Tour, as well as offered a box of a dozen mini tarts to try. The poor tarts did not survive the evening as they were all eaten up.

For those who like more traditional flavours, Pablo offers their original, chocolate, matcha, peach, and blueberry mini tarts. But for those who want something even more decadent, they offer flavour combos which will perform an opera with every bite. Strawberry daifuku, cinnamon apple, roasted chocolate almond marshmallow, mont blanc (chestnut), tiramisu, and white chocolate raspberry will make anyone easily fall in love with Japanese baked goods and want to return for another round. In all, Pablo offers over 14 different mini tarts flavours. During Old Strathcona’s current Sweet Treats and Latte Festival, they’ve brought back their popular black forest mini tart.

During our tour of the bakery, we also watched a demo in how their regular cheese tarts are branded and glazed. The bigger tarts offered a different experience all together, as it was like the texture of soft merengue, or taking a bite out of a cloud. Quite the experience for sure.

To top off the tour, we ordered their famous cheese tart in drink form. This was one of the moments in life where you never forget where you were and what you were doing when you had that food item. The food items taking such vivid memory in my mind include enjoying stracciatella ice cream on the roof of St. Peter’s Basilica, eating a street taco in centro Puerto Vallarta during the Our Lady of Guadalupe street festival, drinking limonana at Shepherd’s Field in Bethlehem, and having my first paella across the street from Casa Batlló in Barcelona (another connection to Picasso I might add). Now add the Classic Cheese Tart Pablo Specialty Drink in Old Strathcona to the list. This was how good the drink was! It was light and perfect for any afternoon or evening to relax and chill.

This TikTok says it all in video. It’s received nearly half a million views.


These Pablo Japanese Bakery Cafe #CheeseTarts are seriously decadent! Worth the drive to #Edmonton for sure. 😃 Thanks Pablo for a box on the house! 🙏 #yegfood #yycfood

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