Graffiti Fest Puts Murals on the Map

Rust Magic 2016 has spraypainted new public murals across the city in a span of several days. The graffiti arts festival aimed to add 17 new murals to the urban landscape, and has already completed 11 in its opening weekend. This weekend, additional murals will be added to The Pearl, Chez Pierre Cabaret, and Quasar Bottle Depot.

While the paint is still fresh, a video is not yet available. However, we’ve put together an Edmonton Mural Map with pictures for you to enjoy. We know we’re missing a lot of murals, so comment below some of the ones you know. The direct mural map is located at

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One thought on “Graffiti Fest Puts Murals on the Map

  • Thanks for sharing this map! It’s nice to see some outside of the downtown core as well.


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