ZimSculpt Exhibit Ends

This is the closing weekend of ZimSculpt, so you only have Sunday to see these incredible Zimbabwean masterpieces. The exhibit opened Aug 22, 2015 at the Muttart Conservatory. Originally on the calendar as Africanas, the name was changed to reflect the primary display at the show, made up of Zimbabwean shona sculptures.

Upon the opening of ZimSculpt, sculptors of the craft were present as live examples of how the pieces of art were created. Zimbabwean shona sculptures are unique in that they are made using a single stone and carved and polished using sandpaper. Each sculpture takes several days to weeks to create based on a full time work week.

The result from all the hours of work is displayed in an impressive gallery throughout the show pyramid. There’s even more sculptures available for guests to purchase to support the artists. The ZimSculpt exhibit closes on Oct 25, 2015. The next exhibit is Mums of the World starting October 27.

From exit A2 at Central Station, walk or take the route 8 southbound, alight at Low Level Bridge, and use the trails eastbound towards the glass pyramids. Hours and prices here.

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