Cookie YEGTweetup Fills Cookie Jars and Hampers

The 5th annual Cookie YEGTweetup event was held at Spectrum Safety on November 22. The annual event raises funds for the Edmonton Christmas Bureau just as the annual campaign begins on Monday, November 25, 2019.

It took me some time to understand the details of the event, so I will try to explain it in my own words. All attendees bake 4 dozen cookies at home and bring them to the Cookie Tweetup. Three dozen are there for people to take home with them, while one dozen are there for those present to taste your creation. In addition, Cookies By George also provides on-site treats, as well as more cookies to take home. In other words, you end up with a lot of cookies!

The night began with the sponsoring organizations with their introductions., which were YEG Tweetup, Spectrum Safety, Cookies By George, and the Christmas Bureau, all of which are local Edmonton-based businesses and organizations!

So just as there are a 12 in a dozen, there were a dozen different cookies to try out. A few of the cookie dishes were just cookies placed on a plate, but others had more festive displays.

Here are the different cookies people baked in these tweets below.

As mentioned, Cookies By George also had a lot of selection for attendees of the Cookie Tweetup. There was also a swag bag with a gel pack for people to take home.

The winning cookie, as decided by a panel of judges, went to Jill with her lemon cream sandwich. She not only decorated her cookies and herself, but was also decorated with the winning prize, as well as several door prizes as well!

So along with the door prize I won, which was a $20 gift card and cookie jar sold by Cookies By George, THIS is everything I ended up taking home. Let the sugar high begin!

It was definitely a well-organized event, with so many cookies to go around. The real winner though, was the Edmonton Christmas Bureau as they go into the Christmas season! The YEGtweetup event raised $500 for the non-profit organization.