Three of World’s Largest Planes Land in Edmonton

In June 2020, three of the world’s largest planes – two AN-100s and an AN-124 – landed at Edmonton International Airport in the same week to deliver goods and supplies.

The AN-100 approaching runway 02 to land at YEG.

Here is one of the planes coming in for a landing on runway 02 during a sunset.

We managed to capture one of the AN-100s landing at the airport, and later spotted it on the apron with another AN-100 already parked.

Below is a separate AN-100 which had landed at the YEG earlier the same week.

If you’re looking for a place to plane-spot at the Edmonton International Airport, head south on 31 Street East (JetSet Parking exit) and take a right just south of 24 Avenue East. From there you will head back towards the apron where you will be able to view airplanes from a hilltop. We’ve marked the location on the map here

From the vantage point, we were able to see a Westjet plane with Disney’s Frozen-themed livery.

Happy plane spotting!